FinCEN CDD FAQ: Are trusts included in the definition of legal entity customer?

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Q:  Are trusts included in the definition of legal entity customer?
A.  No.  The definition of legal entity customers only includes statutory trusts created by a filing with the Secretary of State or similar office.  Otherwise, it does not include trusts.  This is because a trust is a contractual arrangement between the person who provides the funds or other assets and specifies the terms (i.e., the grantor/settlor) and the person with control over the assets (i.e., the trustee), for the benefit of those named in the trust deed (i.e., the beneficiaries).  Formation of a trust does not generally require any action by the state.
The CDD Rule does not supersede existing obligations and practices regarding trusts generally.  The preamble to each of the CIP rules notes that, while financial institutions are not required to look through a trust to its beneficiaries, they “may need to take additional steps to verify the identity of a customer that is not an individual, such as obtaining information about persons with control over the account.”3  We understand that where trusts are direct customers of financial institutions, financial institutions generally also identify and verify the identity of trustees, because trustees will necessarily be signatories on trust accounts.  Furthermore, under supervisory guidance for banks, “in certain circumstances involving revocable trusts, the bank may need to gather information about the settlor, grantor, trustee, or other persons with the    authority to direct the trustee, and who thus have authority or control over the account, in order to establish the true identity of the customer.”  4
3 See, e.g., “Customer Identification Programs for Broker-Dealers,” 68 FR at 25116 n.32. (May 9, 2003).
4 Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual 281 (2014) (FFIEC Manual).
This FAQ, and others, was released in July 2016.  The 2016 FAQs were issued to assist institutions in understanding the scope of the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements that were published in May 2016.   They may be found here:

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