SAR FAQs - When I log into BSA E-Filing, I do not see the new FinCEN SAR.

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Q:  When I log into BSA E-Filing, I do not see the new FinCEN SAR.
A:  “General users” of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) E-Filing System can only view those reports that the “supervisory user” has given them permission to see. If you cannot view or access the new FinCEN SAR, please contact your supervisory user to request access.
Supervisory users of the BSA E-Filing System are able to view all available FinCEN reports when they log into the BSA E-Filing System. The supervisory user must grant access for the general users to be able to view the new FinCEN reports.
To do so, a supervisory user first must:
1. Log into the BSA E-Filing System.
2. Select “Manage Users” from the left-hand side under “User Management.”
3. Select the general user whose access roles require updating.
4. Select “Reassign Roles.”
Upon reaching the next webpage, the supervisory user must:
1. Select the roles (“FinCEN SAR Filer,” “FinCEN SAR Batch Filer,” “FinCEN CTR Filer,” “FinCEN CTR Batch Filer,” “FinCEN DOEP Filer,” “FinCEN DOEP Batch Filer,” etc.) in the “Remaining Roles” box that need to be added for the general user.
2. Move those selected roles to the “Current Roles” box and select “Continue.”
After all these steps are completed, the general user will now have access to the selected new roles and can access the new FinCEN reports.
This FAQ was obtained from FinCEN’s website, FinCEN SAR FAQs section, which may be found here: 

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