FinCEN CDD BO FAQ 2 - 9 – If an institution has updated the BO information on the account(s) of a LE customer, and subsequently another account is opened for the same customer, is the institution required to retain all sets of BO docs?

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Q:  If a covered financial institution has updated the beneficial ownership information on the account(s) of a legal entity customer, and subsequently a new account is opened on behalf of the same legal entity customer, is the institution required to retain all sets of beneficial ownership documentation, thereby retaining up to three sets of information:  the original set collected at account opening, the updated set, and a third, a duplicate of the second (updated) set for the new account?
A:  Yes.  Covered financial institutions are required to retain all beneficial ownership information collected about a legal entity customer.  Identifying information, including the Certification Form or its equivalent, must be maintained for a period of five years after the legal entity’s account is closed. However, all verification records must be retained for a period of five years after the record is made.  Therefore, whether a financial institution must retain a set of identification or verification records is dependent upon the date an account is opened and closed, or the date a record is made.  For example, if a covered financial institution relies on pre-existing beneficial ownership information in its possession as true and accurate identification information when opening a new account for a legal entity customer, the financial institution should maintain the original records, and any updated information, including a record of any verbal or written confirmation of pre-existing information (for example, as described in Questions 7 and 10), until five years after the closing of the new account in order to comply with the recordkeeping requirements in the regulation.  Covered financial institutions must also retain a description of every document relied on for verification, any non- documentary methods and results of measures undertaken for verification, as well as the resolution of any substantive discrepancies discovered in identifying and verifying the identification information for five years after the record is made.
The above FAQ was included in FinCEN’s 2nd set of CDD FAQs that were released in April 2018.  The FAQs are provided to assist financial institution in understanding the scope of the customer due diligence / beneficial ownership rule.  The 2018 FAQs may be found here:

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