SAFE Act – In Regulation G, what are the MLO registration maintenance requirements for employees?

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Q:  In Regulation G, what are the MLO registration maintenance requirements for employees?
A:  Maintaining Registration – 12 CFR 1007.103(b)
An MLO must renew his or her registration during the annual renewal period by confirming and updating his or her registration records. This requirement does not apply to an MLO who completed his or her initial registration less than six months prior to the end of the annual renewal period. Any registration that is not renewed during this period will become inactive, and the individual cannot act as an MLO at a covered financial institution until the registration requirements are met. Individuals who fail to update their registrations during this two-month renewal period may renew their registration at any time and need not wait until the start of the next annual renewal period.
Updates to Registration
An MLO must update his or her registration within 30 days for specified significant changes, including name changes, employment termination, and reportable changes to legal or regulatory actions.
Previously Registered Employees – Change of Employment
The regulations provide streamlined registration requirements for an MLO employee previously registered or licensed through the Registry who maintained this registration or license and who changes employment. Such an employee must update certain information, provide the required attestation and authorizations, and submit new fingerprints unless the employee has fingerprints on file with the Registry that are less than three years old. There is no grace period in this situation. An employee must update his or her Registry record before acting as a loan originator for the new employer.
Previously Registered Employees – Mergers, Acquisitions, or Reorganizations
A registered or licensed MLO whose employment changes as the result of a merger, acquisition, or reorganization has 60 days from the effective date of a merger, acquisition, or reorganization
to update information in the Registry.
This can be found in the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s Regulation G, 12 CFR 1007, which may be found here:

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