HUD's FAQs - Can Items Be Listed as "Paid Outside of Closing" or "P.O.C." on the GFE?

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Q: Can items be listed as "Paid Outside of Closing" or "P.O.C." on the GFE?

A: No, the totals included in the column on page 2 of the GFE must be the sums of the prices or fees, by category, for all settlement services that are required to be shown on the GFE. Where individual components of these totals are required to be itemized, each third party settlement service must be identified and the estimated total price or fee to be paid for that service must be stated to the left of the column. The standardized GFE form does not allow information to be included on any part of those totals that would be paid outside of closing. Such information would not help borrowers to shop for loans and would not facilitate comparison of the charges on the GFE with the charges on the HUD-1.

This can be found in GFE-General – FAQ #13 of HUD’s FAQs.  HUD’s FAQs can be found at

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