TISA / Reg DD – What are the advertising exceptions for indoor signs?

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Q:  What are the advertising exceptions for indoor signs?
A:  First, signs inside the premises of a depository institution (or the premises of a deposit broker) are not subject to paragraphs (b) – [permissible rate provisions], (c) – [APY-triggered disclosure provisions], (d) – [bonus provisions] or (e)(1) – [exemptions for certain media provisions] of this section.
Second, if a sign exempt by paragraph (e)(2) of this section states a rate of return, it shall:
(A) State the rate as an “annual percentage yield,” using that term or the term “APY.” The sign shall not state any other rate, except that the interest rate may be stated in conjunction with the annual percentage yield to which it relates.
(B) Contain a statement advising consumers to contact an employee for further information about applicable fees and terms.

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