HUD's FAQs - If a GFE Has Been Provided and the Interest Rate Has Not Been Locked, Can the Loan Originator Provide a Revised GFE When the Borrower Later Locks the Interest Rate?

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Q: If a GFE has been provided and the interest rate has not been locked, can the loan originator provide a revised GFE when the borrower later locks the interest rate?

A: Yes, if a borrower locks the interest rate after the GFE has been issued, a revised GFE must be issued within 3 days of the interest rate lock reflecting the date that the interest rate lock is good through in Line 1 and "N/A" in Line 4 of the "Important dates" section of the GFE. Any interest rate-dependent charges (Block 2, Line A and Block 10 on the GFE) and terms that changed must also be updated on the revised GFE.

This can be found in GFE-General – FAQ #19 of HUD’s FAQs.  HUD’s FAQs can be found at

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