LIBOR CFPB FAQ ARMs 6 – Is there an example index identified in the LIBOR Transition Rule as comparable to the 1-year LIBOR tenor?

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Q:  What indices are identified in the LIBOR Transition Rule as examples of comparable indices for each LIBOR tenor?
A:   Not at this time. In the LIBOR Transition Rule, the Bureau indicated it was not yet finalizing any examples of indices that are comparable replacements for the 1-year LIBOR tenor. The Bureau is reserving judgment on that proposed example until the ARRC finalizes its recommendation on a replacement index.

Once the ARRC publishes its recommendation, the Bureau will determine at that time whether to finalize the proposed example comparable index.
This Q&A was created based on information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website (which may be updated from time to time) that provides Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Transition Away from LIBOR.  This information may be found here:

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