Int Q&A – Exemptions 1 – What are the exemptions from the mandatory purchase requirement?

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Q:  EXEMPTIONS 1. What are the exemptions from the mandatory purchase requirement?
A:   There are only three exemptions from the mandatory requirement to purchase flood insurance on a designated loan. The first applies to State-owned property covered under a policy of self-insurance satisfactory to the Administrator of FEMA. The second applies if both the original principal balance of the loan is $5,000 or less, and the original repayment term is one year or less. The third applies to any structure that is a part of any residential property but is detached from the primary residential structure of such property and does not serve as a residence. For purposes of the detached structure exemption, a “structure that is a part of residential property” is a structure used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes, and not used primarily for agricultural, commercial, industrial, or other business purposes. In addition, a structure is “detached” from the primary residential structure if it is not joined by any structural connection to that structure. Furthermore, whether a structure “does not serve as a residence” is based upon the good faith determination of the lender that the structure is not intended for use or actually used as a residence, which generally includes sleeping, bathroom, or kitchen facilities. See also Q&A Exemptions 2. If one of these exemptions applies, a borrower may still elect to purchase flood insurance. Also, a lender may require flood insurance as a condition of making the loan, as a matter of safety and soundness.
This Q&A was included in the Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance, which were issued on 05/11/2022.  They were published in the Federal Register on 05/31/2022 and may be found here:

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