Interagency Q&A .22(b)(1) – 1: How will Agencies apply lending criterion to discourage an institution from originating favorably-viewed loans in the institution & referring other unfavorable loans for origination by an affiliate?

Compliance > Regulation BB - CRA
Q:  § __.22(b)(1) – 1: How will the Agencies apply the lending activity criterion to discourage an institution from originating loans that are viewed favorably under CRA in the institution itself and referring other loans, which are not viewed as favorably, for origination by an affiliate?
A:  Examiners will review closely institutions with (1) a small number and amount of home mortgage loans with an unusually good distribution among low- and moderate-income areas and low- and moderate-income borrowers and (2) a policy of referring most, but not all, of their home mortgage loans to affiliated institutions.  If an institution is making loans mostly to low- and moderate-income individuals and areas and referring the rest of the loan applicants to an affiliate for the purpose of receiving a favorable CRA rating, examiners may conclude that the institution’s lending activity is not satisfactory because it has inappropriately attempted to influence the rating.  In evaluating an institution’s lending, examiners will consider legitimate business reasons for the allocation of the lending activity.
This Interagency Q&A, and others, was released in July 2016.  The 2016 Q&As consolidates and supersedes all previously published “Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment,” and were noted as being effective immediately.  They may be found here:

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