HUD's FAQs - Are Charges to the Seller Listed on the GFE?

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Q: Are charges to the seller listed on the GFE?

A: RESPA requires that only the borrower receive a GFE. The GFE is defined as an estimate of settlement charges a borrower is likely to incur in connection with the settlement. Charges that typically would not be charged to the borrower, but would be charged to another party—such as the seller—do not have to be included on the GFE. If the borrower typically would incur charges for title services and lender's and owner's title insurance, the GFE instructions make it clear that those charges are required to be listed regardless of whether, for example, the contract requires the seller to pay for the service. If there is a question about whether the borrower or seller is to pay for a particular settlement service, the charge for that service should be disclosed on the GFE.

This can be found in GFE-Seller Paid Items – FAQ #2 of HUD’s FAQs.  HUD’s FAQs can be found at

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