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Services obtained in prior transactions

We have received a number of inquiries concerning disclosure on the GFE and HUD-1/1A of services such as an appraisal or a survey that were paid for in a prior transaction.
If a loan originator knows at the time of application that the loan originator will use an existing appraisal or survey that was paid for in a prior transaction, the loan originator must list the appraisal or survey in Block 3 and disclose $0.00 as the charge for that service.

If a loan originator includes an estimate of a charge for a service on the GFE, but then uses an existing work product that was paid for in a prior transaction, then the service is not entered on page 2 of the HUD-1/1A and the GFE estimate of the charge for that service is not included on the comparison chart on page 3 of the HUD-1/1A. For more on this please see the July, 2010 edition of the RESPA Roundup.

This can be found in RESPA Roundup December 2010, which can be found at :

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